How They Got There
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The real youtube gem, to me is Scorsese's Italianamerican. A documentary he did on his parents right after he got out of NYU.

Soooo good.
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These are terrific. Nice to have this all in one place.

He's not quite a "famous" director, but Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Extraterrestre) has a whole bunch of ridiculously fabulous short films on YouTube, as covered previously on MeFi. Sadly, those links are dead. My favorites are the stalker/hostage/romcom/musical 7:35 in the Morning, the mundane footage given Philip K Dick narration hilarity of Code 7, and Sunday, in which an encounter with extraterrestrials is overshadowed by a fighting couple.
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Herakles, Werner Herzog's first, is also available.
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Needs more Orson Welles:

Hearts of Age (silent)
The Fountain of Youth Part 1, 2, 3
One Man Band (aka Vienna) (unfinished work print)

And by Vincent D'Onofrio, but about Orson Welles: Five Minutes, Mr. Welles
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Gulp by Jason Reitman
Alive in Joburg by Neil Blomkamp.

And a bunch more on Reddit.
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I keep hoping the early shorts of Hal Hartley will show up on YouTube, and I am always disappointed.
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I've still never seen Speilberg's Amblin'
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These were amazing. I was actually at the premiere of #23! (Film 101, UT at Austin)
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