No, ummm, no Guns n' Roses reunion show, I guess.
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No, ummm, no Guns n' Roses reunion show, I guess. Ex-GnR guitarist and Hair Club for Men spokesman Slash was denied entry to the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe to see his old band perform New Year's Eve. GnR management were worried that Axl would be "freaked" if he know Slash was there. I bet the guys at Buddyhead are pissed that GnR are never coming back.
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What is Axl's problem with Slash and/or other former members of the band? Can someone clue me in?
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You're asking what someone named Axl what his problem could be with someone named Slash. Anyway, what's up with GnR? I'm not up to music, who are these guys? Playing at casinos seems respectible. :)
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What is Axl's problem with Slash and/or other former members of the band?
The rest of the band could actually be called musicians</rimshot>
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Sadly, I hear that Tommy Stinson (ex Replacements) is playing with GnR these days. Guess there really is only the bottom once you've been at the top.
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A friend of mine met Slash @LV Hard Rock that night. I'm trying to get her to give me the scoop as I write this.
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Tommy's work with GNR is actually a smidge more respectable than when he sang the chorus to Puff Daddy's remix of "All About The Benjamins."

The Replacements "Stink" is 20 years old this year.
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Slash would have done better listening to the jukebox at the Double Down Saloon.
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He said he made some calls and got on the guest list for the December 29 show via the venue and the promoter.

"I was trying to be discreet about it, but apparently Guns N' Roses' management found out and it was major pandemonium. It was like they sent out an all-points bulletin."[Slash said]

This is why I hate rawkers. Being discreet would mean buying a ticket, not calling management and asking to be put on the list!
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The strangest part about all this is that people still care about GnR.

What are the guys from Warrent up to these days?
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they released an album of covers last year....
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The Replacements "Stink" is 20 years old this year.

Oh, my God......(screams)

Welcome To The Jungle is one of the great albums, though, it buries Nevermind.

Warrant is still recording and touring for some reason.
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Welcome to the Jungle wasn't an album, it was a song. You're thinking of Appetite for Destruction.
posted by eyeballkid at 12:32 PM on January 8, 2002 buries Nevermind.

Why, I oughta...
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actually rev GNR is coming back... i know it may seem funny now, but most of the people getting a good chuckle out of recent GNR headlines were probably rockin out in front of the mirror to them not all that long ago... im not a big fan, and i used to think axl was a moron, but all the news for the past few years has had axl spending all his time in the studio writing new stuff and assembling a serious cast of players... certainly a list including buckethead, tommy stinson, robin finck, and brain (primus) among others should show you, at the very least, that hes not messin around... check out some of the videos (try kazaa) from their concert last year at the massive rock in rio show... anyway, they were supposed to tour europe but i think its off for now... all im sayin is open your ears... if it blows it blows but dont write it off out of hand...

for those of you still wanting a good chuckle...
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Dude GNR are not on a par with Warrant. Appetite was an incredible rock record and had a pretty major effect on the music industry at the time.
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Appetite for Destruction and Nevermind are both great albums with great songs. Axl had his schtick ("I'm a dangerous LA heavy metal drug fiend"), as did Cobain (I'm an angry Seattle punk rock drug fiend"), but the work stands the test of time, IMO.
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Adamholz, how long have they been saying "Chinese Democracy" would be ready in a few months? Two years? Three? This is Axl's second new years in Vegas with no album to show for it. I've written them off.
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