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Download an Mp3......and goto jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Of course, you can always DoS attack the Motion Pictures Association of America's website, (which was down as I was writing this.) but that would most likely only land you in even deeper water than downloading the Mp3.
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On a local weblist I'm on, there has been a strong debate for the last week about the Metallica vs. Napster thing (many list members are musicians). Anyway, this is one of the better emails from the list showing one reason why the RIAA may be scared.
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Each time a new technology hits the market the RIAA has a fit. When CD's became the main medium for the pop music culture the music industry had a huge sigh of relief. The era of swapping copies of cassettes (thanks to dual decks) slowly disappeared as CD players became the only way to fly. This is just another page.

Again I say that RIAA (and the FBI) needs to have a talk with Al Gore, because afterall he invented the internet (the new medium for illegal trade).

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Of course, there are always risks when you try to beard the lion in its den.
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To quote matt's link:
A search for N'Sync (the largest selling artists of the year) Blondie Chemical Brothers Christina Aguilera and in obscure British DJ named Sasha revels
Chemical Brothers, and Sasha have more listings than N'Sync and Christina Aguilera
Blondie a 20 year old New Wave band have more then Christina Aguilera
So the record buying public is still buying shitty records, and obscure artists have as much clout as quad Platinum "stars of today."

So, slap me down if I am wrong, but Napster isn't taking away bupkus from the pop crap artists, but obscure artists are getting heard but not bought, and still aren't getting competitive in the dollar-generating music marketplace. So now you can get a lot bigger audience and still be a starving artist, so the status quo is even more safe? Is that what I'm picking up here?
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I thought the RIAA might be scared that napster users prefer quality music over crap the industry pumps out. Just because someone uses napster doesn't mean they aren't buying CDs. See an earlier thread for all the CDs I've bought recently after discovering the bands on napster.

Heavy napster use also makes the live music dollar much bigger. I might listen to some obscure canadian mp3s all day long and not buy their CDs, but if they're going to be in town, you bet I'll be there. And all because of napster.
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