Japanese Animated gifs
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A short Japanese action cartoon rendered entirely in animated gifs. Really impressive stuff.
Would someone please translate the 'little match girl' one at the very bottom?
So many instances recently where I've wished I spoke Japanese...
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easy. start learning japanese. kana (hiragana/katakana) should take you a couple of days and a week or two to really remember. start learning vocabulary with kanji (recomment henshall's book, and for fun the pic-o-graphics one). Then you can go to japan and stay there for a week, and tease the natives "neeeyaaah! I have a job" while sticking your tounge out and pulling the skin under your eye downward.
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The Little Match Girl goes like this...
One New Year's Eve...
MatchGirl: "Matches. Anyone want to buy some matches?"
Guy with cig (after looking for matches): "I have no matches...(he says this in English, pretentiously)"
MG: bounds across to the man, saying "I HAVE MATCHES! (demonically, in English). Then she says, "I have matches. Buy it! Buy it!" and "Buy them in your sauve way..."
Guy: (taken aback) "Who are you?"
MG: "Buy it! BUY IT! I said buy it dammit! Buy or DIE is the deal!(this part is also in English)"
Guy: Alright, I'll buy some."
MG: "THANK YOU" (in English) as she runs off.
Then the guy lights up and explodes.
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Now that the Hi-Ho song will be sung in my brain all day, thanks for the links! grrr. What is Hi-ho and why does panasonic sponsor it? Nude japanese powerpuff girls?
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Oh, Mari beat me to the explanation.

When I was a HS kid, drawing violent cartoons was a popular outlet for boys' increasing hormonal aggression (cf. reckless driving, drinking more than you wanted to). O don't think anyone seriously considered bringing a gun to school (I knew some boys who had guns) or flying a plane into a building.

Sounds like a rant, but I should say that I assume most kids are good peolpe.
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i never thought i would see two colour gif animations look so good. doomo arigatoo gozaimasu.
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