The Cozy Coupe goes street legal.
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The classic yellow-and-red children's pedal car now has a grown-up version: a UK auto specialist has modified a Daewoo Matiz to look like a Cozy Coupe. It is fully functioning and legal for UK roads, though the lack of windshield means it's rather breezy to drive. From the BBC News video: "John Bitmead constructed an adult-sized copy of a Little Tikes toy car, which takes petrol, has a tax disc, and can reach speeds of up to 70mph (110km/h). Costing £4,000 to build, it also includes an airbag, headlights and mirrors." The car will be used to raise money for children's charities.
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Reminds me. I need to get this t-shirt out and wear it again. "I'm sure I used to fit" may be entirely appropriate...
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it looks kind of like a golf cart
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I'd drive the hell out of that. I loved my Cozy Coupe.
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I can't wait until we can buy our son a Cozy Coupe. The original, not the creepy weird one with the eyeballs.
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Yeah, when did the eyeballs happen? Is this because of Pixar?
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That car is too big for me. The roof's too high.

This'll work, though.
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Surprisingly, the eyeballs are more cartoony than anything in Pixar's Cars. Why do adults think that kids toys need to look more like cartoons?

And for folks out of the UK, "tax disc" is the local term for the vehicle licence.
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There was a Metropolitan at the Cruise Night in my town. Here's the interior. Also notice how my kids make it look almost normal sized (in that picture, my son is 4 (he's big for his age) and my daughter is 8).
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It's no Mini Shorty.
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I totally agree, the one without the eyeballs is way better!
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I, for one, freely admit that I have considered buying a red Smart Car so I can do this with it.
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I would so buy this if it had a windscreen. Bring back driving goggles, I say.
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Aww! My daughter used to drive those at the play gym. Though I loved it the most when she drove the police one, lolling out the window talking on the radio. My stepdad said she was just like real cops he knew.
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