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Chimpnology Another perfectly normal and sweet animated short by that lovable scamp Cyriak. (The dreaded SLYT)
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I love this guy.

Maybe if chimps aren't your thing, you'll like kitties better.
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You had me at Cyriak. They're one of those artists who in sixty years people are still going to be writing papers about, I swear.
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Ah, cute, it's a dancing monkey. Oh, and lots of monkeys! And even a robot thing! This seems pretty normal to me, I wonder when the nightmare fue - AAAAAAAAAAGH!
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oh wow cyriak.

i forgot about this guy. He should make animations for fox news.
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And, wow, this one actually had a pretty interesting story. That's a great development from his earlier work.
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I had two thoughts:

First, "Oh, look, the Capitalist God-Machine feasting on the ink/blood of the "creative class" wage slaves."

Second. "This is what a shoggoth looks like. Ia!"
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I ended up clicking on a pretty good youtube sidebar link, this 24 minute Cyriak | Heroes of Animation wherein Cyriak shows some of his process, says some incredibly normal and incredibly weird things, the host isn't insufferable, and I discovered that Cyriak seems to be an okay guy. Cyriak, I would buy you a beer.
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well both the FPP link and Kitty City had one of my cats leaping for my arm so she could bite it. Hard.
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Thanks, Mizu! Cyriak is a pretty modest, laid-back guy. "I used to do a lot of drawing, but then I found out that if you use a photograph, you don't have to draw the thing, so...[shrug]"
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I liked the "Heroes Of Animation" interview as well. I'd wondered over the years just what sort of person Cyriak might be. It turns out he's a quiet, unassuming guy who loves his tools, and with such an imagination! Interesting that software such as Aftereffects has been available for years but so few people have done work comparable to Cyriak's.
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Always love Cyriak. I was a little worried with the rough draft that was floating around recently, but he pulled it off in the end.
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Remember: Chimpnology is still just a theory; teach the controversy.
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This actually is how reality television gets made, you know. The endless monkeys at typewriters, the mechanical dancing chimp puppet in a tux, even the belching god-machine-ape.

Sometimes the machine makes a dancing chimp, and sometimes it goes crazy and makes Phil Robertson.
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This is true!
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Cyriak sees THE TRUTH.
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love this so much
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It was completely accidental, but the audio from N Sync's Bye Bye Bye lines up pretty well with Cyriak's animation. I'm not joking.
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