Stories are conflict-based life forms
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Right, right, the old "post about a tabular reification of various tropes" trope. -- cortex

Well there goes my afternoon...
posted by Captain_Science at 1:14 PM on February 3, 2014

Holy shit. There goes every afternoon....
posted by Renoroc at 1:14 PM on February 3, 2014

abbreviating Word of God as wog... probably not the best idea.
posted by davros42 at 1:15 PM on February 3, 2014

"Wog, wog, wog," sang the frog. "Wog, wog, wog, Under the water, Down in the bog." "Not for me," said the bunny. "I would drown, under the water, down in the bog."

(Much of my brain resides in little kids' books these days.)
posted by filthy light thief at 1:18 PM on February 3, 2014 [1 favorite]

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