Would you like to buy some drugs, "Larry".
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THE FRIEND ZONE: STAR WARS EPISODE 2. Anakin Skywalker is a Nice Guy™, stuck in the zone, but at least Obi-Wan has some some dope bass. Related: Dance of the Fates. (Auralnauts previously.) Language NSFW.
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This video introduced me to I Am Legion, and "Make Those Move" never fails to, well, make me move.
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I see many strange things in my life. This is among the most strange. I like it.
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One day someone is going to wholesale re-assemble the prequels into a good movie and we will look back at a vortex of wonderful parody, a visible timeline of hilarity that turned a bloated failure into something else entirely.
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da dip.
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Man, I had blocked out that scene with the big lizard in the diner. I still can't believe Lucas got me to hand over money for that garbage.

To stay on topic though, that was good for some laughs. Dude has Anakin pegged.
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This seems....plausible. Yes. I would watch a movie like this. IN IMAX
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That was unbelievably awesome. I love it.
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Very funny.

Well, it's the funniest thing. They're all dead. You killed them.
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They need to put a donk gonk on in it.
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You left out Episode I: Jedi Party. You really need to watch it to understand the characters and their motivations. This version of C-3PO where the C stands for CREEPY is the best thing.
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Creepio is the fucking best. "Every step is a new nightmare!"
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Behold! The greatest achievement in the universe! The SINGULARITY ENGINE!

The perfect marriage of man and machine! Their beauty will be haunting!

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You want me to feel the pain, so that I may show others. Huzzah! Excelsior!
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