Barrieres incendiée
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Images of the French Revolution. 14,000 individual visual items, primarily prints, but also illustrations, medals, coins, and other objects included as part of the French Revolution Digital Archive, a collaboration between Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France. "The use of these contents for non-commercial purposes is free of charge, subject to compliance with applicable French legislation and notably the inclusion of the source’s statement." Post title taken from this print, "Barrieres incendiée"
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Wow, great post! I never would have come across this. So much to look at. Cheerio, working day.
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Wow, the spelling on that print title is very non-standard. Although only préverts (yep) like myself would care about such nonsense. After all, we got royalty to behead here.
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My French exhousemate who tends to rant about how the French Revolution was not just about the poor and the aristocrats has been loving these mightily, merci beaucoup!
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I wish someone would curate this trove, i.e. find interesting items and post them to a tumblr with some comments.

Until then I'll just have to stumble around to find items like M. Coq et Mme. Poulet.
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One of the things I love about living in the future is the wealth of academic resources available for free, immediately, no barriers (like interlibrary loan, where you have to wait) on the internet. Thanks so much for posting this.
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Awesome! Thanks for posting this.
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benito.strauss, I would love for a historian to make a "one a day" Tumblr from this archive. Send up the History signal! As it is, I'm struggling to resuscitate high school French to read the titles and am grateful when I run across an English title like "The Frogs Who Wanted A King". And I definitely didn't learn enough French Revolution history to recall what the Champs-de-Mars massacre was.
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Excellent. Thanks, spamandkimchi.
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