Full and Partial Belief
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Philosophers Kenny Easwaran and Jonathan Weisberg discuss full and partial belief.

For some background to the discussion, see the SEP articles on Belief and on Formal Representations of Belief.
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So cool! Brandon Fitelson gave a terrific talk here at UW about this paper (with Easwaran, Briggs, and Cariani) which I've often thought about since then, but never as seriously as I'd like.
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Oh god, I'm now old enough that even philosophy professors look like children =(
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The Vulcans have 50 words for belief.
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I'd love to hear what you're thinking about that Briggs et al. paper and/or the full versus partial belief discussion. I like getting an outside-the-discipline perspective. Either here in the thread or by memail or email.
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I was thinking about this, with regard to religious faith, and that if there is a spectrum between believing and non-believing, then where does one draw the line for believers? I do know that I have partial contrition for many of my sins.
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Looks good! Thanks for the link!
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