Grumpy Disney: illustrations of Grumpy Cats as Disney Princesses
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Eric Proctor, aka Tsaoshin, draws cute monsters, dragons, Disney characters and Grumpy Cats. The last two merge in a short series of images he calls Grumpy Disney, with the various Disney characters (mostly princesses) replaced with Grumpy Cats doing suitably Grumpy Cat things.
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The description of the series is pretty great:
This series features well known Disney films with the Internet's most famous grouchy feline in place of one of the characters. The concept is simple: the appearance of the cat must derail the plot of the film.
And if you want more Tardar (Tartar) Sauce the Cat, there's
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Circle of No wins.
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Bless this post, and bless grumpy cat in all her grumpiness.
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I clicked on the link and looked at every image. IT WAS AWFUL.
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At least 20% of the Grumpy cat funny is that her name is Tardar Sauce.
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