Children See, Children Do
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Children See is a a powerful ad from NAPCAN on how children learn from adults bad habits.
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An antecedent from 1967.
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They learn it from watching us?

Seriously, though, there were some good things about this video but part of the problem is getting people to recognize that maybe there are some things they don't want to impart to their children. The guy in the laundromat, does he mind if his child also hates foreigners? Probably not. Similarly, if people shout at their kids are they going to mind so much if their children become shouty?

Also, I did like the video and I thought it was good but it was also kind of patronizing, like, "I know you do all these horrible things. Now your children will be bad people too! Tsk tsk." I get it and I like it mostly but that made me a little uncomfortable; there kind of seemed to be a shaming quality to this.
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Wow. I mean, I know there's nothing wrong with punching my own wife, but I don't want my kids punching her too.

Lesson learned.
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When I was about 3 my dad had to go pick up some large equipment for work in a van in Springfield, Illinois. He thought it would be a fun adventure for me to come along. Itcertainly was, and was one of the earliest fully formed memories in my mind. Alont the way a semi cut us off and my dad told me, "OK son, when we pass this truck I want you to wave to him with a special wave that looks like this, got it? Good boy!" I rolled my window down and gave the trucker my dad's "special wave". He couldn't have been prouder. Definitely a watershed moment in my understanding of parental love and making my dad proud as well as a valuable lesson in inter-personal communication.

Oh, did I mention dad was a priest?
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I have the tendency to say "sorry" constantly. My son started doing it too, except his inflection is different so he always sounds sarcastic when he says it.
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The little hand holding the cigarette made me cry.

After that not so much though.
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My children see me not chucking food off the d*mn dinner table YET THEY ARE FAILING TO IMITATE ME
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I think I would like to see follow up with kids seeing their parents intervene... Another customer in the laundromat, for example, could have their kid see them confront the racist comment. And then the kid goes on to also stand up to racism.

Also I think kids often identify with the person their parent abuses

More effective with smoking or self depreciating remarks (the bad habit we want to change) than abuse...
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I struggle with these ads. Yes, they raise awareness, but we really need to see how people work things out. I've started fast-forwarding through bullying-awareness commercials with my kids and asking them what they would do, and yes, we need more bystander intervention PSAs. Including kids, standing up for what is right. Helping the mom with the stroller.
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Also I think kids often identify with the person their parent abuses

Not necessarily. I think many boys, and some girls, identify with the abuser rather than choose the role of victim.

Works both ways, my parents smoked, and I refused, as I thought it was a stinky nasty thing to do.

It's hard to know how kids are always going to react to who and what their parents are.
But I agree, 99.9% of the time, yellers produce yellers, and impatient drivers, ditto.
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Careful before you say, "Listen to me."
Children will listen.

This has stayed with me a long time.
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