It takes every guy in Wakaliwood to help with Medinah's costume
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"I saw the trailer for Captain Alex [previously on mefi], and two weeks later I flew from NYC to Uganda." Redditor Uncle_Benon shares a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at filming an action flick in Wakaliwood, a studio based in the slums of Wakaliga, outside Uganda's capital city.

"I didn't know anything, and I didn't know it would be a slum. I had their phone number, because it's on the trailers, but I didn't even call. The first day I was in a market and saw some guy with the Ramon T-shirt selling DVDs. I ran after him, and he started running, and the place freaked out because you don't see mzungus doing that. Finally caught up to him, and he was relieved I wasn't a cop or anything.I introduced myself, and we jumped on a couple motorcycles and took the 90 minute drive to Wakaliwood. The rest is, or will be, history..."

The recent Reddit thread.
Wakaliwood's website.
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I have a collection of Ugandan movie trailers that I've long thought about posting, but there was someone else who linked me to them who was going to make a post. I'm not sure if he ever did?
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This made me very happy.
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This is so fantastic, oh my god. From another post of his:

We're gonna make an horror action film where anyone can be in and get killed or eaten from anywhere in the world. via chroma key. die at home. get eaten in Uganda.

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