Dogs Helping Their Owners Shovel Snow
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If there's one thing I've found to be true... dogs LOVE snow. I love the one in the cone collar who figured out "whoo, I gots a scoop here, he'll yeah!"
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I'm a little concerned by what appears to be an adult-sized human stuck on a sled at the end of a driveway.
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Needs more Bob Saget.
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Me: "Huck! C'mere and look at this! Why you can't you be more like these dogs?"

Huckleberry: "Huh?"
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HELPING BUDDIES! Who's a good helper? YOU ARE.

Happy dogs in the snow are the best.

I just had this recent Twitter exchange with someone who is known for not liking things:

noted_curmudgeon: It fills me with inexplicable sadness when I see a virgin field of snow trampled upon and violated by dogs and children.

me:@noted_curmudgeon what if it's a happy black floppy dog? who sticks his nose down in the snow and whurfles it around? That's what snow is for.

noted_curmudgeon: @me happy dog = unhappy curmudgeon

me:@noted_curmudgeon What about a fox pouncing on a mouse? Is too canine or does a fox butt sticking up out of the snow get a pass?

noted_curmudgeon: @me ok you win. :)

me: it was an honor just to be nominated =;>

But seriously, how can you deny the awesomeness of happy snow dogs? They go boundy boundy boundy and stick their noses in the snow and go WHFFF! and then they look up at you with that dog face and then they toss themselves up in the air and go FLOP!

And I'm a cat person.
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Snow and dogs also leads to dogs sliding in snow like it ain't no thang.

But yes, give me all your dogs helping videos, I love them all.
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Sort of amused how for some it is a matter of biting and grabbing the moving stick thing and for others it is digging the inverse moving hole, and then finally for one dog it was both.

The cone was the best, though.

My dog (a girl) is too beta to do any of this though. She sensibly hangs back and snuffles in the shrubs while I work.

And the final one is yet more proof that apparently nobody but me understands how the bent-handle shovels work to reduce your, uh, work in an Archimedean sense. I see so many people doing crazy shit like that hunchback move when that's actually going to strain your spine even worse. Meanwhile, I've developed my own technique of using them to fling the snow over my shoulder. When we get snowbanks of two feet or more that's the only way to get it up on top. I figure people like this lady see me and think I'm the crazy one.
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I'm a little worried that my wife will replace me with this fellow. Then I showed her this and she freaked out a bit.
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Me: Emery, go potty!


Me: You hated the grass. This is snow.

Emery: I HATE THIS! I WANT THE GRASS BACK!! I'll just pee on the street.
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Silver, our Aussie, helps by trying to catch all the snow in the air as I shovel it. He also tries to catch the leaves as I blow them. He's the ultimate shortstop, he'll catch anything.
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These are neat, but I would be really impressed if you showed me a video of teenagers actually helping their old man shovel.
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The Border Collie can do it by himself. The GSD doesn't need no stinkin' shove. The Lab just wants to shovel with you, and the Rottie is going to chew the handle off.

Yep. The snow shovel personality test works.

LOL dogs in snow cones!
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The dogs are eager to help, and as usual the cats remain inside your house taking a shit in a box of sand.
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There is no video equivalent for cats helping shovel snow.

Or cats helping with anything, really.
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Cats are gracious enough to exist in our presence. They owe us nothing more.
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They do give their pet humans dead rodent presents sometimes. And they help us sleep by climbing onto our faces and heads, keeping us warm.
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The cats are currently sitting on my lap keeping me warm. The dog is off in the kitchen, probably considering peeing on something for the 40th time today. Yeah, she has cancer, but this time I'm giving it to the cats for not creating extra work.

Although, still, watching her little dachshund butt go boundy boundy boundy in the deep snow outside for probably her last winter makes me sad and happy at the same time. It is the cutest thing ever.
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Either (a) dogs are just plain nuts, or (b) everybody's nuts and dogs just don't care who knows it.

Also, there seems to be a lot of disagreement among snow shovel designers regarding which form is the most ergonomic.
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Apparently cooker girl and I have the same dog. I feel somewhat cheated that I got a model of dog that does not love snow, and in fact will do everything in her power to avoid it - including opting to pee in the house.
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