Dakh Daughters
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Dakh Daughters are a band/theatrical performance art group from the Dakh Theatre in Ukraine, based around "rapid merging of styles and unexpected sound collages". A handful of songs on youtube: Rozy/Donbass, Gannusya, Papirosy, Блудница, Доля (a performance at/in support of the Euromaidan protests in Kiev).
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Awesome! I see one of the members is from "ethno-chaos" band Dakha Brakha, which I've been a fan of for a while. Nice to see what else is coming out of Dakh Theatre.
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Is there a whole scene for this in the Ukraine, or is it just Dakh Theatre? I thought of DakhaBrakha as soon as I saw them playing, and there is some cross pollination in the form of Nina Garenetska. I will have to check out Perkalaba and the rest as well, because I really enjoyed seeing DakhaBrakha live and think that the album Light is amazing.
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Took me longer to get the links together!
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Wow, this is really cool and not something I'd be likely to discover otherwise. Prime example of why I love Metafilter.

Any chance someone can translate some of the lyrics? I wonder if it's story telling, or political stuff related to the protests, or...
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I don't know, unfortunately. Although the "Whats On In Kiev" article is a bit worrying in places (constantly mentioning how beautiful the "girls" are, and the obsession with the "one man" behind them), it does say this

"The girls joke that each of them is the frontwoman of the band and it’s true: every composition is unique and is led by a different member. Singing in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French and other languages, they make for a multilingual and multi-cultural mix. In practice, it seems any text be it poetry or lyrics can be developed into a mini-performance by the Dakh Daughters"

which seems to suggest that there's a likely a fair mix of different things in the lyrics of the songs. The ones they're playing in the last video are Ukrainian folk songs I think.
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