Comcast to purchase Time-Warner Cable for $45bn
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Comcast to purchase Time-Warner Cable for $45bn
Strategic Combination Will Accelerate Delivery of Comcast’s Technologically Advanced Products and Services to Time Warner Cable’s Customers

Comcast is passing around the Kool-Aid. BBC, Wired, CNET coverage.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Couple of problems here: probably best not to lead with a press release sort of thing as main link; other links need to be direct to the sites, and not google links; also, this news is a couple of days old, so there's probably some fairly in-depth analyses out there, and this is ... sort of a quick handful of bare links to a couple of super short pieces, and one fairly more informative article -- perhaps better to put something more informational together and try again. -- taz

I still don't understand how this isn't illegal. It just like, does not parse in my mind. What.
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"We're not happy until you're not happy!"
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