I would hide it by talking to people with my hands over my face
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A young woman with hirsuteness caused by PCOS talks about living as a "bearded lady." Previously: another young woman with a beard who observes the Sikh practice of kesh (uncut hair).
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All i can think after watching some of the video from the first link is "Damn, i wish my beard was that sweet"

It's like, beardmiration.

also, the "previously" about the reddit thing was one of the most shameful dudebro bullshitfests reddit ever engaged in that didn't involve defending pedophilia, ugh.
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Reminds me of Castle Waiting's storyline about bearded nuns.

It's funny how unnerving it is at first, to see female characters in a comic book who are very womanly and also very proud of their beards. I also enjoy how they have different types/thicknesses of beard, just like guys do.

(Castle Waiting is really good, you should read it.)
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oh she's great! I'm rocking the PCOS fuzz (in my case it's kind of a patchy little goatee thing). Being a genderwhatever this-side-of-masculine dude, I don't struggle with my potential identity as a feminine person, but shit's rough out there for a female-presenting or -passing person who's got some scruff. I really admire her ability to own what she's got.

also totally jealous of her coverage, not gonna lie
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She is lovely, and I admire her faith and her confidence in herself. As for me, they'll be prying my epilator and my tweezers from my cold dead fingers.
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She is amazing and beautiful. Thanks for posting this.
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I have PCOS, and in my mid-30s developed a little 'stache. It is white like my eyebrows (I am white, very pale, blonde hair) so I don't mess with it unless it's a special occasion. I am in awe of this woman.
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It's a Beauty Beard.
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Huh. Had no idea that was a symptom of PCOS. Have an aquaintance who I met though my mom's group that has a bit of a beard. I've never asked about it because I don't want to be rude and she seems quite comfortable with it.

This girl seems quite lovely. Once you've gotten a good look, it starts to seem very natural. Good on her!
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She received death threats. For posting about women's facial hair.

Talking about women's biological reality online is now enough to spur death threats.

She's lovely. People are awful.
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I've had PCOS for 23 years. My chin grows a bit of hair and if I didn't remove it, I could grow a goatee.

Due to other health issues, I cannot shave my legs, so the hair grows out on them. People are rude about it, I mean really rude.

If people are that mean about leg hair, I cannot imagine how horrid they must be about a woman with a beard. I only wish I had 1/10th of her confidence.
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I have the utmost admiration for both of these young women. I don't understand the obsession that we have in Western culture with conformity to one norm. This standard of a binary gender and one general way of presenting is immensely frustrating to me.
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Talking about women's biological reality online is now enough to spur death threats.
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