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Legal groups say Kenya’s justice system rarely prosecutes homophobic crimes, but that may soon change: In 2011 the incoming President of Kenya’s Supreme Court Dr. Willy Mutunga called gay rights the “other frontier of marginalization” in Kenyan society in a signal that he may pressure Kenya’s judiciary to decriminalize homosexual acts. In the wake of author Binyavanga Wainaina (previously 1, 2) coming out and the release of Invisible: Stories from Kenya’s Queer Community, hope that Kenya may be going against the tide regarding gay rights in Africa.
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Having grown up in what used to be, and what still may very well be, a bright spot among self-governing, post-colonial Africa,I sincerely hope this report turns out to be true.
After the Westgate mall debacle, and what I immediately knew upon hearing rumors to be the ugly truth, that Nairobi (Nairobbery) police had looted the devastated wreckage (which THEY wrecked), I hold out hope for this beleaguered country.
Although most of my community was at the conservative evangelical center of the population, I know that the people of Kenya are some of the most loving and charitable of heart of any people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Here's "praying" they do the right thing.
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