We are beginning to learn about the Dunn jury
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Juror #4 speaks out. Juror #4, who wishes to be called Valerie, says that there were three jurors that found Michael Dunn's claim of self defense credible, and nine for conviction for 1st degree murder,
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Welp... yep. People are awful. I appreciated reading comments in the previous Dunn thread from MeFites assuming that the jury was torn between 1st- and 2nd-degree murder, and I'm sorry that they were apparently wrong.
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3 vs 9 Umm yeah. Sounds about right in Florida.

Dude is never going to see the light of day for one of several reasons when he enters gen pop prison...he should have enough of a conscience to just say "yeah, I killed them...then went back and had a pizza and some drinks to celebrate".

But no...the human community has to suffer knowing that someone can do this and it isn't considered an egregious form of violence just because the victims were black.

Kinda like a warning...

Also, glad this thread isn't being deleted for not being important enough or something.
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