"Toned' is MUSCLE, goddammit, just call it by its effing name! Muscle."
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The blog Sophieologie has a succinct post on what's wrong with mainstream media's approach to weight loss advice for women.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Maybe post this again when you can do it without the editorial aside? It's a single link ranty blog post from September. I get that it's frustrating but think about what you want to accomplish with this post. -- jessamyn

I want to print out this blog post, roll up the print-out, and hit every last women's magazine editor in the world over the head with it.

I also very much appreciate Sophiologie's advice for women who feel intimidated and uncomfortable in the weight room: "If you notice some dudes staring at your tits, just stare back at their crotches and squint like you’re looking at something really small."
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