CDC continues to be stumped chumps...
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Roundup and the sixth extinction...A cluster of babies with anancephaly (no brain) born in Yakima Washington. The CDC is stumped. A similar cluster of babies without brains occurred in Brownsville Texas, across the Rio Grande from Matamoros, Mexico, where chemical companies had heavily polluted the area. All of the stillborn children in Brownsville were born to Hispanic Moms, who lived within one mile of Matamoros. It was a consensus then the pollution created this nightmare. It is known that Glyophosphates cause these neural tube defects, this is Roundup. This is a good summation of happenings in the Washington State area.

I attended Farm Bureau meetings, and learned about weed control, and how chemical companies run Farm Bureau meetings, for their profit. I asked the weed control guys from Salt Lake County why they were spraying sunflowers along a bike path and jogging right of way, in a watershed canyon, "has to be done for snow control later." I asked about the health of the runners and bikers following their truck, there were no signs out, no answer. There is also a spike in lung cancers among healthy thirty somethings, who are in top health. The money is there to deliberately mystify, for a long time to come.
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