The return of "Water Cooler News?"
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The return of "Water Cooler News?" The Boston Globe discusses whether or not the trial of hockey dad Thomas Junta (on trial here in Cambridge, MA for allegedly beating to death another dad, Michael Costin) is ushering in "a kind of news normalcy" as it ushers out terror-related news (more)...
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What is "news normalcy?"
posted by tpl1212 at 5:38 AM on January 10, 2002

It's the House of Usher.
posted by pracowity at 5:42 AM on January 10, 2002

news normalcy = "...nostalgic days before Sept. 11, when its irresistible mix of violence, voyeurism, and cultural issues constituted the normal news diet..."

There is something so wrong with the fact that normalcy in this world constitutes one father beating to death another over a child's hockey match. It sickens me that that would be considered a return to the good ole days...
posted by gloege at 6:19 AM on January 10, 2002

I can't help thinking that America as a whole has taken this terrorist thing too seriously. If it had been in any Western European country, the return of "Water Cooler News" as you put it, would have been in late September. But then, we've had to put up with war and terrorism all our lives.
posted by salmacis at 6:19 AM on January 10, 2002

what a truly inane concept! I'd be ashamed to be attached to this article in any way shape or form.
posted by mcsweetie at 11:24 AM on January 10, 2002

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