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Is San Francisco losing its soul? In 2011, Mayor Ed Lee introduced tax breaks for Twitter and several other tech companies to encourage them to settle in and revitalise the downtown San Francisco neighbourhood South of Market, or Soma, and help the city climb out of the recession. Soma has become home to some of the most important companies in the new economy, such as Twitter and Dropbox, and many small startups hoping to challenge them. AngelList, a networking site for investors, now lists 5,249 tech startups in San Francisco, each worth $4.6m on average and offering an average salary of $105,000.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry, we have kind of done the "tech boom is ruining San Francisco" discussion to death in recent months, and this seems like mainly a recap. -- LobsterMitten

It's like La Vie Boheme playing out in real life.

You have the Ed "Benny" Lee with the progress remark.
You make fun, yet I'm the one
Attempting to do some good
Or do you really want a neighborhood
Where people piss on your stoop every night?

Bohemia, Bohemia's
A fallacy in your head
This is Calcutta
Bohemia is dead
Then the "soul" of the city comes back with the rest of the song.
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Is San Francisco losing its soul? No. It's just relocating to Oakland.
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The drought is intensifying the Druid vs Engineer fight. The Coming Fight Between Engineers And Druids.
Druids argue that we must slow down and reverse the damage and disruption wrought by two centuries of industrialization. "Engineers" advocate the opposite: we can overcome our current problems only with the heroic application of technological innovation. Druids argue for a return to the past, Engineers urge us to flee into the future.
One frontline is over the "tech geek" takeover of SF.
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