Each night, you must curl up on their face or they will freeze to death
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I actually forgot it was a commercial half-way through.
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It's like an off-brand Sad Cat Diary.
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I think it's things like these that are finally breaking me. I'm so hard-wired to hate commercials, but now, it seems like commercials are pretty much the last avenue for creativity followed by monetary reward for the creator. There's some great stuff out there, and the fact that it's been made for the sole purpose of getting me to buy things is something that, every once in a while, I need to get over.

Besides, I might freeze to death without my kitty-hat.
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Tidy Cat Blue
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Minus: BuzzFeed, commercial.

Plus: KITTY.

I'm prepared to call it even.
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Pepsi Mew

I just wanted to make that pun. I really liked the video.
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Combining the Internet's two most beloved things... Cats and Misinformation...
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Ze Frank?
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If it's not Ze Frank, it's certainly someone who sounds very much like him as well as biting his "animals on humans" video schtick. So it's probably Ze Frank.
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I love anything - ads or otherwise - that does the 'animals trying to make sense of the lunatics they live with' thing. This was awesome.

My sister and I have a running joke that the reason her cat gets up and yowls at inopportune times is that he's trying feverishly to tell us the aliens are coming to turn our skulls into drinking cups and WE JUST WON'T LISTEN SO THIS TIME HE HAS TO TRY IT AT 4 AM. The suffering! The sense of defeat when people just shriek at him as he wails out his warning!
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As if on cue, suddenly this becomes my view.
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I am also denied the right to bare arms.
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I guess I'm just jealous of Canadian broadcasting. I saw this commercial on an old VHS copy of Iron Chef, and fell in love a little. As much as I've despised advertising in the past, I guess it's pretty much time to open up to it. With this, the Chipotle thing from earlier this year, and other stuff (the Dead Poets Society iPad commercial was awesome the first time I saw it, though the spamming of it has grown tiresome), there's art there.
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It's a Buzzfeed video, and Ze Frank is a VP at Buzzfeed, so it's him.
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Cute video, but I'm trying to figure out who thought lightweight kitty litter was a good idea. I'm already getting used to the idea of washing my bathroom's mats twice a week and sweeping the place daily. If the litter were any less dense I figure I'd have to just pull up all the wall-to-wall in the apartment and let the place become like one of those roadhouses where you get peanut shells on the floor, only with more toxoplasma.
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The sense of defeat when people just shriek at him as he wails out his warning!

A friend of mine has a shiba inu and said dog is very chatty, to the point that she'll come over and start growling and woofing at you and if you talk to her she'll snort in a very offended fashion, like she knows you're making fun of her, then lay down with a HARUMPH that's pretty much "fine, see if I ever tell you anything again, jerk."
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Pepsi Russian Blue.
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It's like an off-brand Sad Cat Diary.

Which is an off-brand Henri.
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Light cat litter is a nightmare. It gets everywhere. Heavy-duty clumping stuff is the business. I just think of it as a workout whenever I buy a new bag.
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People who deliver cat litter to your very door are angels.

Angels who deserve to be tipped well.
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Amazon will deliver kitty litter.. If you have Prime, it's free shipping... And, yes, it's wonderful! Perhaps the most decadent activity I engage in...
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I had a boyfriend who was horrified that one of my cats licked him in the morning.
It was sort of an open question as to which of us -- me or the cat -- had the worst judgment about the whole thing.
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I love ZeFrank's True Facts videos, and I love kitties, but...I kept waiting for this video to deliver, and I kept imagining the director telling ZeFrank "that's great, but can you make it blander? And tone down the wit; people won't get it and will just think it's weird. We're going for Hallmark here, not Herzog."

In other words, this commercial has done what commercials always do to great things.

The kitties performed admirably, though.
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Pepsi Mew

Also, let's face it, Pepsi Poo.
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I'm posting this from jail. I tossed a container of Tidy Cat at my neighbor and broke her collar bone. I didn't realize that the lightness of the container would be mitigated by my being on the eighth floor. The commercial didn't say they were professional cat litter tossers on a closed circuit so I genuinely thought it would be okay.

I'll post a paypal bail donation link as soon I have my hearing.
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Kitty litter is why we still own a car (that and the liquor run). I keep trying to convince the Spouse that all we need is a little red wagon. He remains unconvinced.

However, that's a dead ringer for the one cat we have who is slowly chewing through the shower curtain. The one who sleeps on my head, unfortunately, weighs a good 18 pounds or 3 times the little one.
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I haven't laughed that well in weeks. Definitely a much-needed antidote after my fit of depression re: Alec Baldwin. Unicorn chaser!
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Are there any other cats here? My human changed her usual habit of sleeping outside the home for 10 hours this last Wednesday, and slept for a full 16 hours before she came home. I was very worried she might be coming down with something, especially since she came home with strange smells. She kept saying "pa-ree, pa-ree", maybe it means something? And she had a new toy for me, a kind of elongated three-dimensional triangle made of metal? She called it an "eye-full taw-urr" and I thought, oh god, maybe she's caught an eye infection.

So the next morning, obviously I wanted her to stay home and recuperate rather than risk another potential 16-hour nap away from home. I knocked her "purse" off the table and sat on it, which worked until she picked up the purse with me on it. The day after, I hid it under the couch while she was doing that crazy thing where humans run hot water over themselves. She still found it though.

I'd just like to know what this whole random 16-hour nap thing is all about. I never sleep more than 4 hours at a time.
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I've been getting cat litter delivered by the grocery store, and it's nice. Unfortunately, the brands they have are terrible. In fact, the one decent litter I used to be able to get, ScoopAway, changed their formula apparently and went from nice dry compact lumps to the same wet crumbly enormous clots as everyone else. Sigh.
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I use a Litter Robot (the dome kind) and "World's Best Cat Litter" and am a super happy, non-poop-scooping cat owner.
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I finally switched to delivery after my grocery store stopped carrying any decent unscented litter. I just went ahead and bought 300lbs of litter on Amazon so I'm good for a while. Since they just came in generic Amazon boxes I came home one day to what looked like a child's fort built out of 25lb cardboard boxes blocking my door... at least I wasn't too worried about it getting stolen.
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Man, if you like this, you'll probably like Plea from a Cat Named Virtue and its sequel, Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure. Anthropomorphizing cats in depressing yet poetic ways.
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