Not like those grumpy drummers
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I want to be like that: Tambourine Guy is living his best life.

Note: Tambourine Guy has been identified as Tim Kubert from the eponymous Tim & the Space Cadets. Here's their single, Superhero
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Here's an interview.

During my senior year, I took a class in which volunteering was required. I chose to volunteer at a homeless shelter for women and children, where I ended up working in the nursery, playing with kids and feeding kids. One day, I showed up after a Schroeder rehearsal, and I had my guitar on my back. The director of the shelter saw it and asked me if I could play for the kids. So, the next week, I learned some kids’ songs and wrote one of my own, and put on a little concert. It only took, like, 2 minutes for me to realize that was what I wanted to be doing with my life.
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This man
is living the dream
playing his tambourine.
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My roommate just saw me grinning on the couch and asked me what I was laughing at. I told him I was laughing at a tambourine guy. He asked, the tambourine guy? I said yes. He said goodnight he was going to bed.
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WARNING! NICKELBACK! Not even happy tambourine man can redeem that.

Previously, Postmodern Jukebox's cover of Call Me Maybe, which is awesome
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This sounds like it'll be good, but I am sleepy, and there is a place I'm going to: bed. Maybe I'll give it a listen in the jingle jangle morning, though.
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He has made both my mouth and my eyes smile!
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Mallory Ortberg is my Tambourine Man. As far as I can tell, all she does is watch TV and write funny shit on the Internet. Like all day, every day. And The Toast pretty much owns Metafilter at this point.
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Davy Jones forever
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And The Toast pretty much owns Metafilter at this point.

What do you mean ?
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This must be the One who's coming was foretold in the ancient ballad of Tiberius.
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Hey, this is my friend Tim! He is a ridiculously good guy! He is a host of The Chica Show on Sprout! He sang with Chica on a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade!

(I am super excited for him. Seriously, he's a great guy who really is pretty much living his best life.)
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What do you mean ?

--> search for posts containing ''
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Every musician I've seen upstage the rest of the band out of the sheer joy of playing has been a percussionist. Except for the one time it was a drummer. Clearly, banging on things is an awesome life.
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If you like Mallory Ortberg enjoying Tambourine Man, you'll probably love David Rees (of Get Your War On and Artisan Pencil Sharpening fame) enjoying various amateurs having fun with cover songs in Friday Face-Offs.
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Tambourine Man and his seriously blue eyes head up Tim and the Space Cadets, singing "Superhero".

For that matter, Scott Bradlee, the pianist from the videos where Tim Kubart gives us such life-affirming tambourine performances, gives a TEDx talk here. He's a better player than speaker, but he's a fantastic player so who cares.
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What I find interesting about this cover is that it completely reverses (what I feel to be) the implied answer to the question, "Are we having fun yet?".
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