N'Sync are out of Episode II!
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N'Sync are out of Episode II! (via TheForce.net, via Fark.) It's confirmed by an interview (543KB MP3) with N'Sync member Joey Fatone on the Carson Radio Show. Joey sounds a little miffed about getting cut from the movie, although it could be that he's angry for having a name like "Joey Fatone".
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Ah, crap. There's an extraneous 'T' in front of the 'http' in the first link. Damned fingers.
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Working URL.

I like this : "Joey Fatone rang a Florida radio station to say the scene has been scrapped" then "We're not going to be in it and I'm not going to comment on it any more."

*COUGHS*loser*COUGHS* =)
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Woo hoo! Must have been those millions of voices crying out...for them to be silent...
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He said: "I'm going to make it officially known they dropped it because people made a big deal about it.

Boo hoo. The Village People didn't get to be in the cantina scene in the original Star Wars, did they?
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He said: "I'm going to make it officially known they dropped it because people made a big deal about it."

Boo hoo. The Village People didn't get to be in the cantina scene in the original Star Wars, did they?
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Ooo... crazy double-posting action this morning. Sorry!
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As a child the last name 'Fatone' probably gave him some grief. But as an adult, the name 'Fatone' has a whole other meaning.
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They could replace Anakin with Justin Timberlake and it could not make the movie any worse than it will certainly be. ( Could he possibly be a worse actor than they guy in the trailers now? No.)

Shame on you all for not shunning George Lucas and all his future works. TPM was a travesty! A crime against humanity! And don't get me started on Greedo shooting first! That was the beginning of the end!

(heh, sorry, figured I'd get melodramatic, since I really can't imagine how anyone could expect this movie to be any good at all, regardless of who is in it).
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KittyB, I hardly think you can equate the Village People with N'Sync...

I think you owe the surviving members of the Village People an apology!
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Well, I don't consider this to be something that will save the movie, but rather a victory for the regular guy. N'Sync were going to be in the movie because they knew somebody - I think I read somewhere that Lucas' daughter is a big N'Sync fan and asked for them to be in it - and not because they deserved it or could contribute in any way. There's no way in a million years that I could be in a Star Wars movie, and I think I deserve it just as much as Joey Fatone does (which is to say not at all, really, but still...).
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Oo, I didn't mean it as a dis to the Village People... I just couldn't think of another circa-1977 band who might have appeared in the original if their manager had been able to pull some strings for them.

Maybe KC and the Sunshine Band would have been a more appropriate comparison. My bad. Sorry to all of you former Village People out there. I suck.
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I don't understand what all the handwringing over their appearance in the film was all about, anyway -- they were going to be in it fleetingly, observed only from a distance... JUST SO THEY COULD BE BLOWN UP! I thought it was a dream come true.

Oh well... maybe Jar-Jar will take their place. It could happen! (It should happen, IMHO.)
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N'Sync are out......thank the maker!
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And don't get me started on Greedo shooting first!

Oh, man. You ruined my entire day just by mentioning this.
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greedo shooting first...

the pain that caused. *sigh*
beginning of the end indeed.
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Well, this is good news indeed, but if fan uproar could truly change the mind of Lucas/McCullum for casting decisions, then why is Jar-Jar making an appearance in Episode II? Surely the outcry from fans about Jar-Jar was louder and longer than N'Sync. Perhaps he has a very minimal role in Ep. II, but he's in the trailer...
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Simple: Jar Jar = cash. N'Sync = no cash.

Instead of telling Lucas how much you hate Jar Jar, organize a boycott of Jar Jar merchandise.
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Let me dispel some movie rumors to help keep people sane:

1) There were only two Godfather films
2) There were only two Alien films
3) There were only three Star Wars films
4) Greedo didn't shoot first.
5) John Constantine is English and there is no movie in production where he is an American played by Nicolas Cage.

Just keep chanting that every morning like I do and you will be fine.
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Maybe Lucas told them they would be in the film just so he could make his daughter happy, get a little piece of film that she gets to see and planned all along to scrap them. I still think the action figures would sell.
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I thought it was cool that Lucas could give in to his daughter and still get to blow the bastards up in half a second anyway. It seemed like the best of both worlds.
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Mystified by various references to "Greedo shooting first" (well, it's been twenty-some years since I saw the damn film), I did a quick Google and found this page. Which is pretty damn funny. (Warning--brief audio clip when it first opens.)
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Hmm. Of all the horrible choices Lucas has been making with the franchise recently, I think the inclusion of N*Sync would have been the most harmless, considering that since you wouldn't actually see them consciously in the time and context of their screen appearance, the only real damage is the outrage people feel. I would much rather he decided to ditch the whole Midichlorian concept, or the name Attack of the Clones, or Jar Jar Binks than this, which would have been a non-issue if we hadn't made it into one. Consequently, I'm not sure just how much of a good thing I'd call this. It's certainly not what I'd call a step in the right direction.

Why do I sound so much like a Star Wars geek? I am misrepresenting myself. I could take the movies or leave them, truth be told.
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What you Don't know is they showed up in the film because they provide the "Interstellar Love Song" Padme and Anakin dance to in the bar scene.

With the exception of "Empire", there has been at least one musical number in each one of the "Star Wars" films - From the Cantina Band in the original film, through Lapti Nek (in Jabba's palace) and the Ewoks celebration in "Jedi", and of course the Darth Maul fight and later victory celebration in "Episode One". The tradition continues in Episode Two, with this song that eventually falls to background music as they dance and discuss the attempts on Padme's life, and its connection to Genosis.

Lucasfilm is hoping that this song, like the love theme to "Titanic", will become a huge top 40 hit, expanding the marketing opportunities for the film. Of course, this news has been as carefully masked as the rest of the production.

The lyrics I've seen go like this:

"She came from heaven; (ahhhh-Ah-Ahhhh
you've wanted to boink her since you were seven.
Now you're older - its OK to date her; (Oooh-ooh-ohhh)
but don't knock her up, cuz you'll soon be Darth Vader"

Hope this helps.
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Perigee, that was just too funny.

I just hope the fanboys will shut the hell up now. I'm sick of all the whining. They were EXTRAS! Jesus Christ, you'd think Timberlake was playing Anakin for all the uproar.
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i could care less about who shot who first or whether jar-jar should die. i'm not that big of star wars fan... but, eyeballkid, i can't believe they ruined hellblazer, probably the "hardest" character in the vertigo universe (admittedly not too great of a feat.. but he can still compare with other D.C. folk like ol' bats and lobo... oh man, lobo... that guy would wipe the floor with any boba fett or jedi. force shmorce.).
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