Yum, yum, tasty bacon! dear god no they're turning pigs into cannibals
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Is that sausage worth this?
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The diarrhea makes it extra yummy.
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There are lots of really, really good arguments to be made against the inhumane practices of factory farming, but "OMG, they're turning pigs into CANNIBALS" is, while no doubt emotionally effective, a pretty bogus one. Pigs are omnivores and would engage in "cannibalism" even in nature, and certainly in non-factory farms. If this is an effective way of inoculating them against a virus, it seems an entirely sensible thing to do.
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“There’s no mad pig disease.”

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People wonder why I raise my own chickens, buy pork off a farmer I know, and drive 30 minutes once a week to get milk in addition to the monthly pick up of beef off said farmer - this is why. Your cost savings at the grocery store comes at a price, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Not everyone has this luxury, I know but start looking at sustainable farming in your local community - you can make a difference people. You may pay a bit more, but to eliminate this kind of shit - I'll take it. To anyone wondering, I live in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, so city living is completely out although NYC and LA, I'll defer those to you.

For vegetables, start shopping at local farmer markets and while those road side stands are convient, ask the tough questions about where they come from. More then once, I found the local produce stand outside my grocery store was actually importing produce from Mexico while if I had waited 3 days, the local farmers market had locally grown produce. Seriously, the price you are saving at the grocery store is at the expense of others.

Never thought I would go on this rant at Metafilter, there are a ton more vegans and hippies here then me.
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...and that's why I decided to buy Niman Ranch bacon this weekend.
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