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Wow, SXSW is so passé Metafilter doesn't even want to reminisce about it.
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I have a lot of Feelings about this article because next week will be the first time I'm attending SXSW and I'm not really looking forward to the crowds. I'm definitely hoping there will be Mefites there who I can connect with a little more than some of the 'let me pitch my company at you. And you. And you' folks. But the crowds...ugh.

It's really interesting to read about the 'good old days' because basically everyone going now would probably have enjoyed SXSW more back then (in a lot of ways it reminds me of attending Coachella in 2005, before it turned into this overblown spot-the-celeb fest, but really Coachella was over 100,000 people even then so who knows?).

I'm also an ISA this year so now I have lots of Thoughts on how organizers should prep for SXSW. It's more work than most people seem to expect.

There's more sessions at the 2014 SXSW then there were attendees in 1994 (and quite possibly more parties too for that matter). I'm not totally sure that's sustainable over the long run.
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I'm so old I remember when SXSW was about music.
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Every time i think about SXSW, i remember that a pass just for the music is over $1000.

This is strictly a rich silicon valley dudes playground at this point.
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We printed & vended all the t-shirts (300 or so- at 3 locations!) for SXSW II. There were 150 bands? It seemed outrageous at the time.
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Anil Dash: One of the most critical people to bring the community together from 2000 on was Brad Graham. Brad passed away [in 2010]. He was probably one of the first dozen bloggers on the Internet and the first prominent gay voice. He's also the guy that coined the term blogosphere.

Meg Hourihan: He did this site called Bradlands. He also organized these meetups, Breaking Bread With Brad.

Anil Dash: It was just drinks. He rented out a bar on his own credit card. It was the icebreaker for the whole weekend on Friday night. We were all introverts who spent so much time behind our keyboards, and Brad would get everyone together in a bar and connect everyone. It was probably the most fundamental cementing of the early community at SXSW. Otherwise it would have been a bunch of people going to a conference rather than what it became. Brad's an incredible, seminal figure who has been overlooked.

MeFi's Own Brad was one of the first in the blogging community to acknowledge my nonsense, and we cooperated (and sometimes competed) in some online pranks and parodies. I never made it to SXSW and never Broke Bread With Brad, so he is on the short-list of people I regret never meeting IRL.

*pours out a 20*
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Ah hell. I'm from Austin. SXSW used to be a fun thing, a REALLY fun thing. An affordable fun thing and it wasn't all that difficult to do something that would score you a platinum badge. Now, though, it's like an incurable cancer - it just keeps growing. Wake me up when it's over. I have no love left for south-by.
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Foreign Influx Gives Annual Tech Event an International Flavor
The international slant is a drift away from the historical roots of the conference and perhaps to a new generation of international start-ups. In past years, SXSW has been a marketing bonanza for social media companies, including Twitter, Foursquare, GroupMe, Path and Highlight.
This year? They’re passing.
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