"I like to see you in peril"
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"You've had me in a luge. You've had me on a Brahma bull, that thing with a big, big hump. Then you had me zipline on the world's fastest zipline. Then you had me walk on the lovely CN Tower." This week, Rick Mercer and Jann Arden's big date involves harnesses and winches and also donkeys, but not at the same time.
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:) I love how the singer is out-comedying the comedian.
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Simply entertaining--and that is more than sufficient
posted by rmhsinc at 6:27 PM on February 26, 2014

Yes, fun. Had no idea Jann was so funny.
posted by fluffy battle kitten at 7:22 PM on February 26, 2014

That was about 300% more charming than I expected! (To be fair, I'm only familiar with Jann Arden's sad songs). She was really hilarious.
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The CBC gets her in to guest host every now and then, and they even gave her a summer show that ran in 2010 and 2011. She was really fresh and funny in that, especially when she brought in her parents. (The show page I linked doesn't include the audio despite the presence of those players -- sorry!)
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That was entirely enjoyable. Sometimes this country isn't so bad.
posted by bicyclefish at 9:38 PM on February 26, 2014

This country and its people are great. It's some of the politicians who suck.
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Didn't Jann Arden go on a whole pro-Paula Deen rant on Twitter a while ago?
She's so kooky and fun!
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Wow. This is really great. She has fabulous comedic timing ...

"I don't HAVE a core. I have one ab, that I work on constantly. By feeding it. "

Really a funny person. I just reserved her book, due to this post. So thanks for this.
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Oh, shiiiiit ... I had NO idea. If I had access to a donkey, I'd go hug it now.
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Yeah I just vaguely remembered it was a thing.
Spotify link.
Not to piss on the rah rah Canada or anything, honestly.
Sorry. Yay Canada!
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I could take or leave her music but I'm always consistently amused by her personality. She's just delightful.
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Oh my god, they are so great together. I want to know how her brain works - that she can write such devastatingly sad and beautiful songs and also be so naturally hilarious.
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So much must have ended up on the cutting room floor, absolutely inappropriate for family viewing.
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"I have a tattoo of Canada on my ass. Every time I fart, Quebec separates!"

I'm crying with laughter.
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