That thing the sun does that makes it so hot
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GLaDOS teaches fusion and fission for NASA. Ellen McLain lends her autotuned voice to IRrelevant Astronomy, a video series produced as part of the education & public outreach mandate of the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope. [via]
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So did Erik Wolpaw write her dialogue?
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Does this technically count as a rickroll?
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This might sound weird, but as soon as
NASA's(boo acronym to spell the acronym! scientists aren't English Majors)


started talking, it just felt right. I love the Glados character and the downside to having the games get so over-memed (I just made that up) is Valve can't really use the character that much. So I'm glad to see Ellen getting to lend the character out from time to time.
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Aaaaaaaahhhh! I love her voice so much. We were watching Pacific Rim the other night and her voice is the AI for Gipsy Danger. I started playing GlaDOS phrases from a soundboard on my phone and got yelled at.

I'd love to be able to have her voice for auto navigation and include some of the snarky GlaDOS barbs about being a dumb, fat human.
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Fleebnork I'm not aware of an official GPS voice from McLain herself, but several fans have done some pretty good quality versions of their own imitation GLaDOS voices. If you google around you can find them, I know at least for TomTom and Garmin devices.
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They need to do this at ITER.
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