Just a Lady
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The Kutiman Orchestra performs "Just a Lady" live. "Just a Lady" was one of seven songs on the masterful found-footage sampling project Thru You (previously, samples and downloads) and was my personal favorite, so I'm very happy to see a live version.

Bonus link: An interview with Kutiman about his work and the project.
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I really like Thru You and try to remember and give it a watch/listen every now and then, so this is pretty awesome. Still, 'Babylon Band' is my favorite of the bunch!
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(The original track)

Still one of the coolest projects I've ever seen on the web. I'd love to see a live version of "I'm New."
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Yeah, I Am New was my favorite track as well. Just A Lady is a close second.
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Her voice is amazing.
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I just wanted to quote frances1972 from the original ThruYou thread on MetaFilter:
It's kind of dumb, but I've had that nagging little feeling like it's the end of the world. Or if not the world then the end of something big, hard to tell what exactly ... but this makes me feel like whatever the end is, this is a glimpse of the other side.
because ... uhm ... Yeah.
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Yeah, I can feel a bit of that sentiment myself nangar. It makes me a little sad, too - I'm really into sampling-centric music and Thru You is still the best example I've come across yet of the found-footage sort of experiment. Girl Talk still commands a lot of respect and is similarly amazing at bringing together lots of disparate elements, but Kutiman's project made me feel like it was the start of something really great and I haven't seen projects other than his follow up on it.
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