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From the Present link, in reference to The Convicts: "They are old school; I remember them playing shows when I first started going to gigs around 2003." -- so is backyard punk a new thing, or is Javier Cabral that young, or both? The American Sabor page on the East L.A. Punk style gives the scene decades of history.
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FLT, I think the definitive take on the scene from 1980-2001 is in the Razorcake article linked in the word "storied".
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It's funny, I live in East LA, and I've seen these kids, and I've heard their parties, but I had no real way to find out about the scene until this documentary. So yay!
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Is backyard punk a new thing, or is Javier Cabral that young, or both?

Javier Cabral is in his 20s and is an up-and-coming journalist in the LA food and culture scene. He has older siblings and is generally a scholar of history so I think he's referring to that particular group being old-school in the new school backyard punk movement.
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Ah, I love my city.
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I'm always happy to find new (to me) bands, music and/or scene history, so this post looks to be a gold mine (for me, and a deathly dirge to this afternoon's productivity). Thanks for posting this PA.
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It’s like a strange flashback. This could be AZ 30 years ago and you might not be able to tell the difference. I think it must have been different out west, when I think back on punk shows I think of this, not an actual venue.
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