The Yellow King Theory
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"Hey everyone, Kyle here. If you're caught up on True Detective like I am, you probably have a lot of questions about who the serial killer really is. Well, I have one theory that I think is pretty convincing." (SLYT)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Heya, seems like this could probably just go in this recent thread. -- cortex

I don't know. I still like Marty for it. That yellow dude's got a pretty solid alibi, I bet.
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I don't really see what this post is doing that couldn't just be a comment on this thread about the show which is only a week old and still being actively commented in. Will check out the video when I get a chance though!
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It was already a comment in that thread, for what it's worth. I leave it as an exercise for the Mods to determine if it deserves a thread in and of its own.
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