Worst case Ontario it's on Netflix
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The new Trailer Park Boys seasons 8 and 9 will debut be on Netflix (all round, internationally). In addition, all previous seasons, the new Trailer Parks Boys 3: Don't Legalize It film (in time), and Swearnet the Movie will be available Netflix wide. Reaction to the announcement has been mixed. Particularly from those who have paid for Swearnet.com subscriptions. Mike Smith (Bubbles) responds.
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So, as someone who's been peripherally aware of TPB for years as something liked by people whose tastes I trust, but with no other real clue about it, what's the best entry point? Movie, TV show (any particular season?), other?
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I saw these guys live. It was pretty sweet. There was no convenient place to smoke our dope beforehand though.

I wonder if the guys will modernize and start vaping sometimes? Way better than hotknives, that just seems like a low way to get high the one time I tried it.
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What's the best entry point?

Start with Rickyisms. Then go directly to, Season one, Episode one. The pilot is tentative. Do the movies last.
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Can they swear and smoke on Netflix? 'Cuz otherwise they're fucked!
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What's the best entry point?

I'd say Season 1, episode 1.

But you can go way, way back to the original black and white "pilot" that doesn't have Bubbles (but does have Pat Roach playing a different character than Randy).

You can also watch Cart Boy, which has an early version of Bubbles, but this time that's his cat's name and both Rob Wells and John Paul Tremblay play different characters, sort of. They brought it all together for season 1. This also features, I believe, Vince the Pince (named Bubbles in this), who makes an appearance in a later TPB episode and his Mike Smith's real cat.
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TPB is fucking sublime.
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i just hope they haven't gotten too big for ellen page
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Where to start, yeah, I'd also say save the pilot for last. Other than that though, you can basically just try to watch it all in order.

I've done that twice (which is once more often than I've watched oh The Wire or Deadwood or really anything else) and I've tried to watch the seasons, movies and specials in chronological order, and I think I've fucked it up both times, because for some reason it's hard to figure out which of the latter to watch when.

The point is, yeah there's continuity in the show overall, and narrative arcs for each of the seasons, but it's all basically just gloriously stupid, and most every episode is great, and it probably doesn't matter what order you watch it in because you'll end up watching the whole thing all over again anyway because what else is there to do?

Is anyone willing to tell me I should watch the Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour? I thought I'd love it but to tell you the truth I watched a little bit and it kind of freaked me out so I stopped. Was it just me?
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Jonathan Torrens' Jroc character kills me, every time, as well. Know wha I'm sayin...
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The shit barometer is rising.
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Wow, I can't wait. It occurs to me that I've really been enjoying Canadian TV lately: last year I watched both Orphan Black and Lost Girl.

Any tips on how/where to watch their other project- The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour? Thanks, shitnicks.
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Smokes, let's go!
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Now that they're on netflix, I hope they can get Kevin Spacey to guest star. He'd be perfect as Mr.Lahey's brother.
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Yeah, the Funtime Hour was hard to watch. I think it makes a huge difference that the original TPB director wasn't involved, nor does he do the new show. If I'm not mistaken the main actors who write and direct now. Their characters are fantastic but I wonder if they really have what it takes overall to put together a solid show.
I don't want to be too negative though, it's great that they're doing their thing and keeping TPB rolling. I think I need a donair.
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"Fuck this court. Fuck Jim Lahey. Fuck Randy. Fuck those two idiot cops right there. Fuck suit dummies; as a matter of fact fuck legal aid. Fuck Danny and Terry's Buffalo Chicken Wings. Fuck all the old wood in here. Fuck the moon, fuck corn on the cob, fuck squirrels. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything!"
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Can I just throw in here that Mike Smith, long before Trailer Park Boys (which I love dearly and consider to be the new Beachcombers, Degrassi and Anne of Avonlea rolled into one and I hope the new seasons maintain the quality), was in a power pop band called Sandbox who made at least one pretty good song.
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I love that this post comes above the kitty paradise one. The end credits of the first movie made me cry tears of happiness.

A dope trailer's no place for a kitty!
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Trailer Park Boys is the shit.

I've been wondering about getting Netflix to watch the odd film on, but now this has happened, I can get two birds stoned at once.
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Hotknives is actually an excellent and economical way to get high. Second only to blowtorch hits off of a hash-paved driveway.
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Hotknives is actually an excellent and economical way to get high.

empty coke can on its side, dented. poke a few tiny holes in the dent. try not to think about the reaction between the flame and the aluminum coatings.
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Think about it, shows go for a way more awesomer price on Netflix, it's supply and command.
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I think Bubbles' rap about kitties is probably the best thing in the world, followed closely by J-Roc's rap about his mom catching him masturbating.
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what's the best entry point?

Start by getting high; you're not really getting the full TPB experience otherwise.
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i loved TPB so much, but after i learned what prima donnas the cast thought the three stars were, that made me like it less. Not paying as much as they could, being rude, etc. It got bad enough that Cory and Trever quit because they felt they were treated by the stars the same way on camera and off :(
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In my opinion, the TV show is a blast and totally worth watching whereas the movies thus far have been terrible.
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Just to add some joy to your day here is "Worst Case Ontario" by The Roman Line
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... a power pop band called Sandbox who made at least one pretty good song.

Holy CRAP -- Baby Bubbles was in a band! Yes, I remember that song (their only hit, I think).

Anyway, great to hear that my Netflix subscription just got justified.
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Seasons 1-5 of TPB were stellar and hilarious.Sseason 6 was hey what the fuck, eh. And season 7 was unwatchably bad.

My hopes aren't high, boys.
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I quite liked 6 and 7. Had a bit more structure. It will be interesting to see what they do without Clattenburg (though he is directing the new film).
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Season 7 was awesome.

The five-party negotiation in the Shitriver episode is one of my favourite scenes in TV, period.
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I'm down with Plato and Socrates
And I like to get busy with all the ladies
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