Something Doctory to tide us over
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Artist Paul Hanley illustrated a 58 figure all-Doctor canonicity-be-damned "Who's Who?" of sorts titled "The Infinite Doctor" 53 men, 4 women, all Doctor. Alternate annotated version.
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I'm not sure if we can trust this picture. It's obviously been doctored.
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Checked to see it had Trevor Martin. It does. Very good.
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#2 on the annotated version, the Japanese Doctor is most fascinating to me. From a 1973 Target novelization translated to Japenese for sale in the Japanese market. Presumably, most of the people reading these didn't actually get to see the show at the time so these illustrations were the only visual reference for The Doctor. A younger, imposing, darker figure then the Hartnell Doctor from which the novel was referencing.
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I thought Lenny Henry was actually Axel Foley for a second and got terribly excited
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IIRC I had a dream last night that it was the final-ever episode of Doctor Who, and The Doctor was going to reveal his true form, and it turned out to be a cat, and nobody was surprised.
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The size, breadth, and complexity of the Dr. Who universe makes my Star Trek fandom, which is not insignificant, seem simplistic and mundane.
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This is fantastic. Also bravo for including the Morbius Doctors and the Curse of Fatal Death Doctors. I grinned when I saw Joanna Lumley.

(Aside: Purdey being the Doctor has something to do with James Bond being a Time Lord. I know it. Also, she gets love for being in Sapphire and Steel, which is lovely and creepy and I recommend it if you like slower older shows and love the creepy era of Classic Who.)
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Fun Fact: On the cooking show parody Posh Nosh, FOUR of the characters on two of the episodes (including the linked video) played Doctors. David Tennant played the Doctor on TV, Richard E Grant on Flash/Youtube, Arabella Weir on audio (I think?), and Joanna Lumley played the Doctor in Curse of Fatal Death(for charity). That's an epic Doctor Who event horizon, and kind of tells you how small the UK actor pool must be!
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Fun Fact: On the cooking show parody Posh Nosh yt , FOUR of the characters on two of the episodes (including the linked video) played Doctors.

I am not sure you can top the Doctory goodness of Withnail and I, where all three of the top-billed actors were doctors of varying canonicity (#1, #52 and #54 in the annotated version). Indeed, only four performers feature in more than one scene in the flick, and while the fourth, Ralph Brown, never appeared in any Who production, I see from IMDB he is credited in The Pope Must Die(t) as "Doctor."
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Pleased to see #22 Barbara Benedetti in there.

I don't see Anime Pertwee though. (My favourite version of Pertwee, who I'm generally not keen on)
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Surprised that Paterson Joseph was missed despite finding room for Richard Griffiths.
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All the Dogtors.
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