the simple-ish ideas are the best
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MEG - PRECIOUS is a music video. Enjoy.
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Needs a "cats" tag. Also, semi-related.
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This is quite the achievement. One thinks back to the moment of inception, "I want to have dinner with cats! And dancing!" and feels the director cringe. And the solution is so simple, so elegant so as to be obvious once it's realized, even if it was so opaque and daunting a challenge before. Admirable.

Now, where's Sunshine? I wanna dance.
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I've been listening to Meg for years now, and I've had an animated GIF with the dancing cats for a long time, but I didn't realize the two things were linked until just now. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

This is the sort of thing she's been up to lately, in case you're curious. Lacking in cats, though.
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Synchronized cat annoying for fun and profit!
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