Let's go to Death School!
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Deathigner is an animated, charming look at how mortality personalities learn to do what they do.
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I liked the happy ghost porky piggin' during the end credits.

Hey, no legs, no pants.
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Vimeo is acting like some kinda jerk and not allowing me to view this right now (on an admittedly bad wifi connection across the courtyard from the source). What is the definition of a 'morality personality'? Google isn't being much help in figuring this out.

After I split with my wife maybe seven or eight years back, I decided I wanted to work in the funeral industry. I applied to be a coffin salesman but didn't get the job, as I'm a shitty salesperson and the other employees were characteristically sleazy Gil Gundersons-types straight out of a 30 year-old movie about used cars salespeople that only wishes it had the high production values allotted Used Cars. (as an aside, I'd always thought the slimiest salespeople I'd ever work with would be when I worked as a stockboy at the Sharper Image in 1995. Maybe I was biased at the time because those motherfuckers would never leave me alone regarding the way I dressed. It was 1995 and I liked weird music, so of course I dressed weird too. Go figure. I was at any given moment no less than a thousand kinds of awesome cooler than those chumbuckets). From there, I applied to be a hearse driver, and much to my surprise I was offered the job. Troubles, though: (1) The funeral home I'd be working for was a grueling forty mile drive from any part of Dallas I'd meef happy enough living in; (2) My driver's license had just expired. No biggie - it was still fresh enough that I'd only have to go to the DMV and pay the regular renewal fee to reactivate it; however the biggest turn-off was easily (3) the job paid exactly whatever the minimum wage was in Texas ca. 2007. Yuck.

Man I hope this comment is at least sort-of on topic. Stupid Vimeo, stupid courtyard, stupid minimum wage.
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Death figures from multiple cultures. Sorry about the mix-up.
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Vimeo is hinky for me and I have fairly beefy WiFi. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to see the whole thing without it stopping to buffer every ten seconds.
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That classroom segment had me singing along: "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit..."

Vimeo worked in the pop-up with my cheezy WiFi. I credit Firefox.
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Worked fine on WiFi via android , and aww
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Overly charming.
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Want to learn more about death and dying? Read THE WAY WE DIE by Doctor Sherwin Nuland (he died last week), an amazing if very disturbing book.
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Is the transformation of Death into a sympathetic figure (a la Gaiman and Pratchett) a relatively recent cultural phenomenon? Is the long reach of medicine and life extension in recent years starting to cause people to rethink Azrael's role?
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Is the transformation of Death into a sympathetic figure (a la Gaiman and Pratchett) a relatively recent cultural phenomenon?

For the ancient Greeks, Thanatos "is the twin brother of Hypnos, the god of sleep. He is typically shown with his brother and is represented as being just and gentle." Perhaps that's part of what inspired Gaiman. Then there's La morte in vacanza / Death Takes a Holiday, which inspired the plot of Reaper Man, though not necessarily earlier Discworld stuff about Death. So it's not recent, but you could make some argument about it being more widespread, not to mention super cute in this video.
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I didn't mind the beginning where the people were killed, but I had to turn it off when all the rabbits had to die. Beautiful animation, though.
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Here is a joke. I'm very sorry.

Q: How does the Grim Reaper blow up his bike tire?
A: With a cycle-pump.

I'm very sorry.
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Exceedingly trippy.
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