The business of internet cat videos
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THis is why it's totally normal and natural to be completely confused/disoriented by the world: "I need money. Money allows me to eat and clothe myself. Very few people are willing to pay anybody in money. What can I do to get people to give me money?"

"Pictures and videos of cats with non-standard skulls."

" I need a degree for that?"

"Not yet!"
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"It is the kind of thing where you have to learn to make everyone happy.

In other words, learning how to be the Anti-cat...
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Suriel predicted evolution as more television brands get involved. “Will there be a cat video channel someday? I can definitely see that happening,”

Well that would be a fine use for one of the 488 cable channels out of the 500 promised.
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Just another reminder of how prescient Bob FitzSimons was. (also previously)

Moral of the story: Everything you love will become commoditized. Somehow.
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I went to high school with Will Braden (Henri's creator/owner/whatever you wanna call it), and he's a really nice, funny, smart guy. The fact that he's famous for something creative doesn't surprise me... the fact that he's a cat video magnate DOES, though... just because it's kind of weird and awesome that "cat video magnate" is something that you can be.
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