Real live Mario Kart
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SXSW Mario Kart Real live Mario Kart at SXSW

SXSW has a go kart coarse designed to feel and act like Mario kart. Including obtaining "items" that increase your speed or slow you down. These items take the form of stickers that you run over on the ground.

Although this is not the first time this has happened in Austin. Waterloo labs created an even more realistic version last year which included real items grabbed and used by the racers.
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Ha. They had a little display in the convention center that must have just been playing a video or live feed of this. I just glanced at it and thought, "That's it? Just people playing Mariokart? Weak." I missed out.
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I walked past a few times while we were doing a project booth in the Create tent just near there. Would have been more impressed if the giant bananas and stuff they had fabbed were actually part of the course.
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Man, I walked by them setting up when we stopped by the Create tent. I was seriously bummed I couldn't be there for the actual thing (I was in town for a wedding, didn't even realize SXSW overlapped with our trip until two days before we left).
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RĂ©mi Gaillard.
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