Panti Bliss - The Best Gay Possible (Oppressive Dance Mix)
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In a quick follow-up to this previous post... Pet Shop Boys have turned Ms Bliss's speech into a dance track: The Best Gay Possible (Oppressive Dance Mix).

I would have posted this in the original thread, but it was too old.
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Hands up- who else thought this was going to be about this Miss Bliss?
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Was seconds away from posting virtually the same thing before I previewed, BuddhaInABucket. I was kind of excited to see how the Pet Shop Boys would turn it into a musical, actually.
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Thanks! I had no idea this existed, and I love the Pets! (And that speech, of course.) I really dig it! It seems almost kind of like splitting the difference between some of their 90s work like "Being Boring" and the last album, Electric.
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The story on Gay Times including a video.
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