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JOGGING is a collaborative art Tumblr previously featured on Yahoo News and recipient of a Rhizome Art Grant. Cofounder and frequent contributor Brad Troemel recently had a show at the Zach Feuer gallery in New York, which prompted Art F City's Paddy Johnson to wonder: Does Brad Troemel's Internet Art Work in a Gallery Setting?
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Oh man JOGGING is like seeing all the witty, pop-culture-referential stuff I like in the contemporary art section of the annual Armory Shows: I don't necessarily get them, from a critical standpoint, but it gives me a sort of excited pleasure at just looking at these wonderful things people made. I think I might actually take a trip out to where Troemel's stuff is being exhibited because the pictures don't do the descriptions justice.
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Is it cool or not cool, if I understand the cavendish references?
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I enjoyed this one in particular but I think it's true that the fact that you know its a stream of images changes the meaning of each individual photo/image/collage. Like a turn of phrase may be evocative by itself, but in a paragraph or in a longer verse, it begins to take on additional resonance. So a gallery format may be not stream-y enough, since it cannot replicate the endless scroll.
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I don't know about a gallery, but I'd hang this on my wall if it existed. And I'd wear the hell out of this t-shirt but at $75 that'll probably never happen, alas.

In general, um, they seem very prolific, so that's cool? Is this what happens when 4-chan-ers get MFAs? A lot of what these things seem to be riffing off appear to be right-wing-crank-memes I've never heard of... crisis actors? really?... but I'm not sure that's a problem. I dunno if it's 'art' but I know I added it to my RSS feeds, what the hell.
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And I'd wear the hell out of this t-shirt but at $75 that'll probably never happen, alas.

Imaginary Foundation stocks similar stuff and is only slightly overpriced for t-shirts.
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