Despite what Joey Fatone says
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Despite what Joey Fatone says...InSync not out of Attack of the Clones just yet. Sorry to rehash this topic, but there seems to be a lot of anymosity between the famous boyband and wookie fans everywhere. (via
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Don't worry, the news itself is more offensive than the double post. N*Sync would be somewhat bearable if they were in some cantina-like role though... but that's the only way they could be in the movie without inciting violence from rabid SW fans.
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I'd rather read the tabloids about Japanese mothers giving their sons oral sex than this crap. InSync was produced in rigid accordance with rating statistics to make money. The first three Star Wars were so good I was forced to go see Phantom Menace, but after seeing the amount of mainstream sell-out bullshit pumped into it, I might stay home and have a little funeral ceremony for "genuine, artistic, intellectually stimulating entertainment," which is clearly dead.
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Yes, because the original Star Wars trilogy was edgy and targeted towards the alternative audience, plus there were no commercial tie-ins.
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Hildago is on a roll...
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Could we do without the "Here's a reversal of an unsubstanciated rumor about two things we all hate" threads? (Yeah I know: "Metatalk, d00d...")

After seeing "Phantom Menance" I didn't think my esteem in the whole Star Wars franchise could go any lower , but then I had the misfortune of seeing the trailer for "Attack of the Clones." Holy moly: it looked like the worst of all the movies previewed,a set which included "Kate & Leopold".
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[offtopic] how much crap do you think fatone got over his last name in grade/middle/high school?
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1) it's "*NSYNC", not "InSync".
2) it's "wookiee", not "wookie"
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