Arlo Guthrie's Flickr Account
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Arlo's Flickr account... He's recorded some fantastic images (this one is NSFW), and there are a number of photos of Arlo worth noting as well. Some of the images are from a few years ago..... some are more recent. (we've talked about celebrity Flickr accounts previously)
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Lousy folk singers. I try and get a bunch of women a third my age to disrobe for my camera and suddenly it's like I'm the bad guy or something.

Sometimes I really regret becoming a teacher.
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I dunno, some of his landscapes are good but the rest is amateur hour at best. Maybe if I were a fan of his I might be more interested, but from a photography perspective it's a wash.

(note: I'm not an un-fan or anything; I would consider myself Guthrie-neutral if polled.)
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Agreed. You know how 500px at its best is mostly about sweeping, richly colored landscapes? Those "fantastic images" of Guthrie's are about par for Model Mayhem at its worst. The poses, the untended sets, missed focus and blown highlights, etc, and especially nudity for nudity's sake. It's spot-on what you find littered across the immensely wide bottom of the Model Mayhem barrel.
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