Chinese human rights activist Cao Shunli dies in captivity
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Cao Shunli died while incarcerated recently for advocating the right of ordinary Chinese citizens to have input into China's entry in the UN's Universal Periodic Review, a new set of human rights reports for every UN member state. She died because she was denied medical care. Her family has not been allowed to see the body.

China's entry in the Universal Periodic Review. (The design is weird: The capital letters A C E F R S are PDF links to the same report in different languages.)

Human Rights Watch on China. Currently they have a tribute to Cao Shunli on the main page.

Amnesty International on China.

The International Federation for Human Rights on China.
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The capital letters A C E F R S are PDF links to the same report in different languages.
It's the six official UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

I agree that it's somewhat inelegant though.
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Very sad. China has such a long way to go. The main problem with countries like China - who have been ruled from the center for almost all of their history - is the culturally embedded idea that those who are not near the center of power or at the "top of the pyramid" - have no essential human rights. This is true not only in China, but in Russia and India, and many, many smaller nations. Cao Shunli was a hero.
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I mislabeled the fourth link as "Human Rights Watch on China". It's actually the Web site of a different organization called "Human Rights In China".

Here's Human Rights Watch's statement on Cao Shunli.

The first section of every country's report is that country's own assessment of its human rights situation.

China's document is all patting itself on the back about its successes in ensuring its citizens' rights to health, life, and civil liberties.
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She died because she did not receive medical care.

That part seems like an ad hoc interjection of opinion into what is otherwise a factual statement. Where is the info that would make that a fact?
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