20 Iconic Bands Recreated in LEGO
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"Self-proclaimed knowledge, music, LEGO and die-cast car junkie, Adly Syairi Ramly presents a collection of 20 iconic bands that he’s taken the time to recreate with everyone’s favorite building blocks."

The images have all been taken and edited strictly on the iPhone 5. No desktop editing was involved.
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Needless to say, #17 is the most fitting.
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I love these type of LEGO projects to see how they use certain torsos and other body parts. For example: The guitarist for No Doubt apparently went to Hogwarts.
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#2 is kinda racist.

(Or, at least it would be if I was sure the one on the right was supposed to be James Iha; it looks more like Paula Poundstone with jaundice.)
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It's mostly "Yeah, that's kinda neat" until you get to Lego Mozzer.
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Reminds me of minipops
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Oh, it's with minifigs? They need to do one with blocks.
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Somewhat like this.
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Bernard Sumner looks upset about something.
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Presumably the Beasties should have been made with Goldiblocks.
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There's one I've been meaning to build for ages. I'm relieved not to see it here. I'd better get crackin'!
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Mark Mothersbaugh went to the trouble of doing the music for The Lego movie and these guys can't even be bothered to do up Lego Devo?
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Before a certain moment rock music history was divided between The Beatles and The Sex Pistols.
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Sys Rq: I'm pretty sure the one all the way on the right is supposed to be Jimmy Chamberlin, and James is to his left. Though I'm not really sure which "era" Ramly was going for there. Judging from their outfits, they look vaguely Adore-era, but Jimmy wasn't there for that album/tour. And if it's Machina-era, D'Arcy should be replaced with Melissa Auf dur Maur. Should've done Mellon Collie era - they'd be a lot more instantly recognizable with Billy's iconic ZERO shirt, D'Arcy's blue hair, and James's blond streaks. But I don't want to be a backseat LEGOer...
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"Iconic" is kinda overstating it for many of these bands, don'tcha think?
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Opening with the Beastie Boys almost won me over instantly, but when I saw The Smiths cover, I knew these were my guys. The Tegan and Sara cover is awesome as well.

That being said, I'm awfully sad that this is the closest thing we're gonna see to a Beastie Boys reunion.
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But...but...I've been assured that Legos can only build the models on the box because of all the specialized pieces...
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i hate to be all salon about it, but if they were going to throw in some token women, they had way more to draw on than tegan and sara.
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That Flying V would be great for a Hüsker Dü Lego set. Appropriate considering that Hüsker Dü is named after a Scandinavian toy.
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