The greatest challenge to 21st century paleontology
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"The greatest challenge to 21st century paleontology: When commercialization of fossils threatens the science," a commentary by four paleontologists.

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Damn. I should have made that the post title.
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A few years ago I was involved in a humanities effort supported in part by a billionaire, who hosted an event in her party pavilion. We rode a bus high into the Rockies, down a looong dirt road, to her ranch. The pavilion was a log palace with open sides, but the highlight was the fireplace or river rock and slate and fossils.

Over the fireplace was a huge slab of slate with maybe a dozen fossils--whole, perfectly detailed specimens of various fish and plants. Absolutely spectacular. If the piece were in a museum it would attract a huge audience all on its own. A shame they were instead a decoration in a rich person's clubhouse.
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