It is 2 am, and we sing the song of our people.
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Shelby and Shiloh ... a duet... By the way, if you're a Husky fan (or even a generic dog fan) , this is just one video of hundreds on the Gone To The Snow Dogs youtube channel (a great place for kids to learn about dogs....)
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Our dogs were....confused. Frankie just tilted his head back and forth through the whole thing (then went looking for a squeakie) and Lady stood up on the radiator and started looking outside, since they obviously weren't *inside*.
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Howling is one of those behaviors that makes me wonder how much is cultural. Every group of dogs who live together share in-group behaviors. The Shiloh shepherds I sometimes dogsit lay down to eat. Moe and Murphy have a mutual ear-cleaning pact. I wonder to what extent howling is a cultural activity. If I introduced a howler to my household, would my Border collie mutt and Found Hound start howling too?
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I've always been said that neither of my dogs howl. I've tried, but while they get anxious and might bark; howling seems beyond them. I suspect breed places a part; rat terrier and cattle dog, and most dogs that howl seem to be more primitive types. But I had a friend a long time ago with cooker spaniels that howled. My dogs? Just confusion over the noise mom and dad are making.
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Cute. My mum's dog only howls when the phone rings. It starts with a whimper then gets louder and louder until it's proper head back howling. I like to think it means "Hey it's the phone...the phoooone's ringing...would someone just answer the damn phoooooooooooone?!"
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I've got two dogs. My younger one (terrier mutt) is a prolific howler who will gladly sing along with other dogs, sirens outside, etc. My older one has never howled, and the additional dog seems to have no effect. Sadly - I really want to hear his howl voice!
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This made me laugh until I cried. I always wonder if they're verbalizing something in particular or just singing for the hell of it.

My little dude hasn't spent a ton of time with other dogs, but he's hung around them long enough to have developed a strange approximation of a howl, or at least whatever passes for a howl as delivered by a grumbly 20-pound bulldog-monster hybrid. I've never managed to capture it on video, but he lifts his tiny flat muzzle to the sky and delicately sounds out, "Aroo. Rooo. Rooooo" in an exceptionally regal and dignified manner.
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My girlfriend's Samoyed-Husky mix absolutely loses his shit at church bells.
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