DA Inner Soul of Yancey
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February was a great month for hip hop aficionados, what with De La Soul's Valentines gift of their entire back catalog free for download and filthy light thief's extensive post on producer J Dilla. But if that wasn't enough peanut butter and chocolate for you, here's some more mixed all together just like you like: Smell the DA.I.S.Y. is a new mix tape from De La Soul featuring some re-worked vocals over unreleased Dilla beats.
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Just a note: this is not a direct download, but a legal torrent, part of the Bittorrent bundles series. Some of the bundles require you to provide your email address to get the full "bundle," or like the Death Grips Money Store bundle, you get an "extended sampler" of an album - not all the tracks, but you also get music videos.

Another note: this bundle includes the Still Shining documentary (Vimeo link), so it's bigger than you might expect, but for a good reason. It's a good video, as far as memorials go.
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What he said.

Thanks for the further explanation, flt!
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On a side note, on the rare occasion I use torrents I’m looking for something pretty obscure. It’s weird how fast it is when you’re downloading something popular. That whole thing took like a minute.
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Fantastic! I saw a vague mention of this elsewhere a couple days ago and just thought it was somebody's idea of a joke. Glad it's a real thing. Or at least as real as we could hope for, since we'll never get to hear a De La Soul album produced by Dilla.
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If you are not into BitTorrent you can use the legal version of a direct WeTransfer zipped download from the groups website. It only includes the MP3 files (excluding the Audio Letter, which is featured on the groups site for streaming) but these fortunately sound the same and are also encoded in 320kbps.
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