“Without Mercy” –U.S. Strategic Intelligence and Finland in the Cold War
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For decades, people used to say "Poor Finland, driving Soviet cars with Western gas prices."
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That's a really interesting article. I've been staying a lot in Finland lately and seeing their reaction to things in Crimea has really brought home what a different experience they had of the Cold War. The Soviet Union was a really scary neighbor to have. I'm not surprised that the Finnish military went all out to befriend US authorities.

Looking back, a lot of these incidents are merely interesting, like the time that RB-47E Stratojets were chased and fired upon by MiG-17s, but I can imagine that if one of the American planes had been shot down, it would have, at the very least, meant that the Doomsday Clock would have been set at 11:59.
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Thank you very much -- I had not read of hardly any of this.
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