"It begins with an idea....."
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April 1st is more about wasting 5 minutes than making a funny joke.
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I thought this was funny enough.
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Watching this video really made me miss Better Off Ted.
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My sister just commented on the video:

"A very corporate-esque video where there is a lot of talking without anything of substance being said."
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A tiny bit of explanation?

It's all about hats.
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Yeah, this video is better with the payoff. It's also a pretty funny skewering of all those tech superbowl ads.
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They really should have been fedoras.
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Here at Veridian Dynamics, we know that you are the most important thing in your life. And why shouldn't you be? You are a unique and driven individual. You deserve the right to show off everything you have to offer. That's why Veridian Dynamics is releasing five-year employment review contracts. Show us your best. Let us have a chance to get to know you, so we can decide if we want to buy you. Don't you deserve an opportunity to show us the best you can be? All day. Every day. Without pay. Because you're better then that. You're You.

Veridian Dynamics: Voluntary servitude. Involuntary excellence.
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Related 2 blah blah blah generic video snips, music
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I was waiting for the punchline of Tumblr pro empowering someone to make their grand civilization-inspiring idea of a blog full of animated gifs or something. That punchline never came.
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That punchline never came.

I think that's why I love this joke so much. .tumblr is filled with cat .gifs and black and white photos of people having sex and photos of someone's breakfast in a valencia filter. The joke is how serious this video and how corporate it feels. I loved it.
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I enjoyed it, but then I do have a tumblr dedicated to pictures of my nail art, so the theme of changing the world through the power of ideas really resonates with me.
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The punchline isn't contained within the video; after the video plays on tumblr, you're given an option to "go pro", and if you select it, a black top hat descends from the heavens and sits itself on your avatar. And that's it.
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Adding the top hat has really made my Hanniblog more professional. Would pro again.
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And you can see who among all your friends has hats and who doesn't! It's very important.
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Is it still a thing to say outloud ". (dot) tumblr . (dot) com" after someone you know says something hilarious or awful or basically anything because I do this ALL the fucking time.
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I'm worried my idea will end civilization so please don't retumbl it.
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I thought the video was going to culminate with the pinnacle of human achievement: the brave redesign of the envelope icon, or one of the other completely useless changes that tumblr's made instead of fixing any of the actual issues with the site (my kingdom for reply notifications!).
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